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Embracing Oregon

Here at Loom we talk a lot about working in interdependence. In fact, if you visit our office, you will see a sign that says ‘together change is possible’. Nothing makes me more excited than seeing this in action! Last week I was inspired and encouraged by a ministry called Embrace Oregon, which was born when a foster parent discovered that when children are removed from their home they often have hours of waiting for a caseworker to find a new home. ...

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Does my story have soul?

So I am wrestling. No, not the weird type of wrestling where men have funny names, but wrestling with questions. How do I hold to conviction without it being judgement? I was looking at Brene Brown’s website. She has a quote – "Maybe stories are just data with a soul" - I like that. The concept impacts me. I feel that when we  look at justice issues we hear the statistics, the data. We can quote them and quantify them. We create tools ...


We spent several days last week doing a review of the first two months of 2013 here at Loom. We were encouraged by how much we've learned and done! With multiple events in Asia, meetings with pastors and churches, movie nights, conferences, conversations with field ministries, communication projects, team building, and much more, these past couple months have been full and fruitful! It was great to be able to look back on our successes and our failures, to see how we ...


Another aspect of our "Organizational Health" discussion here in the office has been around personality and strengths. With today's research and information access there are many tools available in that area,We continue to learn about ourselves and those around us and intentionally seek to understand how we work best. The obvious discovery as we do that is that we're all different. Whether in how we respond to conflict, organize our schedules, communicate our feelings, or receive affirmation, individuals are far from ...

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A couple of night ago I sat in the auditorium at the Multnomah Global Ministries Conference. About 150 people had gathered to watch the documentary ‘Volviendo’. Volviendo tells the story of some filmmakers who go through Latin America, gathering information and footage as they research for a fictional movie about the sex trade. It’s a brilliant depiction of the harsh reality the impact of sexual exploitation has on both those trafficked and those who then purchase the services offered. As part of ...

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Cohesive Teamwork

Around the office we've been working in the area of "organizational health" (a fancy term for good teamwork). Even in our mission as an organization we outline the value we put on working in interdependence. This means that we believe everyone has something to offer, and that we're stronger together than on our own. Plus, if our goal is to help other organizations become sustainable and healthy, we desire to discover ways to do that ourselves. One way we've been looking to ...

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Introducing Loom International

We've undergone quite a makeover in the last few months and we're excited to present our new look. Interested in finding out where the name Loom International came from? Well, take a looksie!

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Loom Logo Barbeque

It has been such a great experience to work together with local artists who have helped us redefine our brand and give us a new look and way of presenting what we do. We have been honored to learn from and be part of a creative process with Nate Grubbs and Jamie Letourneau. They are very talented individuals and a lot of fun to work with too! We wanted to take some time to celebrate their hard work and the resulting ...